Xpel TracWrap – Paint Protection For Vintage Cars

Xpel’s TracWrap offers 8 mil protection in an easily removable paint protection film.  I recently used it to drive a car 2300 miles and was impressed with the superior paint protection it offers and how easy it removes.  The downside is that it does not always lay as flat as permanent film so you tend to notice the cosmetic imperfections.

Because of the low adhesion and ease of removal, I believe this is the best product on the market to protect vintage paint for the Dino Rally and am willing to put a group order in at a discounted rate.  If you have any interest in a group purchase, please let me know by emailing me your name and car at XpelTracWrapDetails@DinoRally.com  I will be applying this to my Dino.

Contact email: XpelTracWrapDetails@DinoRally.com