The Dino Rally had a great event on Nov 10-13. Here are a few photos of the volunteer led event sharing the beauty of the South West back roads and encouraging Dinos on the Road.

Dino Compendium author, Matthias Bartz, sports driver’s seat, pole position, in Dino 06416 at day’s start of driving in Sedona, Arizona on The Dino Rally.

Matthias Bartz enjoying The Dino Rally to The Grand Canyon.  Authorization sticker shown on Dino 06416

The Dino Rally traverses Historic Route 66 in Winslow Arizona with a photo stop at “Standing On The Corner”.   Here we see 06472, an OEM factory “Flares and Chairs” blaze through making the photographer’s job that more difficult.   

Dino 03110 is the perfect photogenic Fly Yellow color for The South West

Sedona Sunrise – The coordinated launch for the morning start up the Amara Sedona’s formidable hill was made safer by using course workers and connected communications.

Each Dino launch was halted until an “All Safe” condition was present. Since we get up very early this was trivial as nobody in their right mind thinks of waking that early, but it makes for a great photo of a Fly yellow Dino 03110.

Dino 06640 climbs The Amara Sedona for the first day’s drive each morning.

SCENIC OVERLOOK EACH DAY – Our volunteer scouting team made 4 trips and sought the best roads with the most panoramic views. Mission accomplished

Here we wait for half our team who saw a flashy yellow Ferrari and followed it rather than their route books!       

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